HAT- IGLOO Santa House


HAT- IGLOO Santa House is an Architectural & Interior design project for a design competition. Our goal is to design a new, improved home that will make Santa's living and working easier

Jingwen Li (Architectural Design, 3D Modeling, Interior Design, Poster Design & Rendering) 

Cindy Xuan(Architectural Design, 3D Modeling, Interior Design & Rendering)

Shujing Chen(Architectural Design, 3D Modeling, 3D Diagram & Poster Design)

Competition Overview


BIG IDEA - an inventive solution for Santa and his guests. Translate the imagination into a creative design solution that adapts with today's day and age. 


The participants are to design Santa's Home based on the following programme:


• Mr. and Mrs. Santa’s new Home; a house that is a smart combination of creativity, technology, and space design

• Office space and Post office

• Toy Workshop

• Dwelling areas for 50 Elves [the spatial configuration and anthropometrics should be feasible from the elves usability point of view] • Visitor accommodations for 10 guests and 20 kids with a Play area

• Garage space for Santa’s sleigh and a stable area for his nine reindeers



Design Vision​


Interior Design



Santa's Office


Elves' Living Room


Visitor Accomodations


Play Area





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