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   The Heated Shoe Rack


Jingwen Li


The Heated Shoe Rack is a product prototype that designed and built at the Makeathon 36hrs Design Competition. It is an automatic detection heated shoe rack that can melt the snow on the bottom of winter shoes. This product can help to avoid the risk of the dirty floor and the toxic chemicals released by the melting salt. This prototype was built by myself and with other mechanical engineering, computer science engineering and design students


This design won the 1st place Fusion 360 Award at Makeathon 36hrs Design Competition (Feb 2019)

​Materials: Wood & Acrylic

The Shoe rack will automatically turn on when the user put the shoes on the rack. The acrylic board on the second layer is designed to hold the melting snow. 

The Arduino on the side is a sensor that we created. It will induct the shoes on the rack and turn on the heating function. 





* Because of the limited competition time, the heating function has not been realized.

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