Water Seesaw


Jingwen Li

Material:Laser Cutting Acrylic

The Water Seesaw is inspired by the water crisis in California. It is indispensable to let people understand the importance of saving water, and my goal is to educate people to be aware of it. 


The unbalance water supply and demand in California is a very serious problem. I tried to find a way to use daily life object to illustrate the concept of "unbalance." I decided to create a seesaw that fills up with water and shows that water demand in California is always greater than the supply. I separated the seesaw into three sections by using two boards with different height in between. The outcome is an interactivity artwork that needs people to get involved. Audiences need to fill up the seesaw with the light blue water then use their hands to add pressure to the other side of the seesaw. By doing that, the audience would understand that the water supply and demand in California will be balanced only if people are taking action.


Stop Motion Animation


Jingwen Li


*This is a short animation that I created to urge people to understand the beauty of water and protect water resources.


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