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​Personal Project | 1 Months | 2019

A chair designed and made in Copenhagen

The first chair that I designed and made during the furniture study in Denmark. It is a combination of classic and modern design, using simple straight lines and curves. The chair has a very unique and comfortable armrest that fits perfectly with the arm angle. This furniture reflects my understanding of both Danish and Chinese designs and is a cultural integration that aims to overcome the cultural barrier in the context of furniture design. 


Furniture Design


Furniture Design Research

Production Process Research


Wood Working

IMG_7203 2.JPG
Design Inspiration

Danish Design Elements

Tenon joints

Asset 1_4xa.jpg


Unique frame structure

Comfortable armrest

Simple design

Characteristics of Danish Furniture Design

Asset 2_4xa.jpg



Simple & Clean

Design Aesthetic

Furniture Production Research / Factory Visit  

Danish Design Color Trend & Materials 

Asset 3_4xa.jpg

I visited the furniture manufacture both in Denmark and Finland to learn about the production process and get inspiration

Asset 4_4xa.jpg
Asset 5_4xa.jpg
Ideation Sketches
Asset 6_4xa.jpg
Asset 2_4xa.jpg

Ideation sketch

First iteration

Second iteration

Further simplify the design

Form Development

As the sketching phase transitioned into the modeling phase, I created 1:5 scale models out of foam and a 1:1 model out of cardboard to further polish the design.

Asset 3_4xa.jpg
Asset 3_4xa.jpg

1:1 Cardboard Model & 1:1 Drawing

Screen Shot 2019-09-04 at 12.11.30 PM.png
Screen Shot 2019-09-04 at 12.11.55 PM.png
Asset 4_4xa.jpg

Production Process

Asset 5_4xa.jpg

Final Design

IMG_7204 2.JPG
IMG_8712 2.JPG
IMG_7206 2.JPG
IMG_7203 2.JPG
IMG_7195 2.JPG
IMG_7192 2.JPG
IMG_7198 2.JPG
IMG_7190 2.JPG
Asset 7_4xa.jpg
L1050552 2.JPG
IMG_7191 2.JPG
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