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Team Project | 5 Months | 2019

An interactive sleep mask (PTSD-Induced Nightmare Disorder Sleep Therapy) created at the University of Michigan

An interactive wearable sleep mask that detects REM sleep (rapid eye movement sleep) and facilitates lucid dreaming to aid patients with PTSD-induced nightmare disorders.




User Experience


User Research

Interview Analysis

Market Research


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​Our Team

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​Our Team
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Problem & Goal

7.4 Million

Americans with PTSD related nightmares

1.3-2.3 Million

Veterans with NIghtmare Disorder

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Existing medicinal treatments have adverse side effects that harm veterans' quality of life and are not proven effective

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~7.4 million patient population diagnosable for Nightmare Disorder, including veterans with PTSD


My Role:

Design Research, Market Analysis, Interface Design, Product Design

Develop a human-centered solution that will detect REM (rapid eye movement) sleep and facilitate lucid dreaming to aid patients who have PTSD-induced nightmare disorders.

Existing Solution
Asset 2_4x.png

Sleep Tracking Device Dreem

Wearable Tech: NightWear

Weighted Blanket

White Noise Machine

Asset 1_4x.png

The use of EMG (Electromyography) and another biometric (EOG Electrooculography or heart rate) would result in an even more accurate measurement of REM sleep.

Asset 3_4x.png

EMG electrodes

Asset 4_4x.png

Visualize & Record Sleep

These allow users to keep track of factors that may affect their sleep

Asset 5_4x.png

Sleep Journaling

Medication Tracking

Sleep Tracking

**Questionnaires were created in collaboration with a sleep psychologist at the Veterans Affairs Hospital

​Design Goal

PTSD-Induced Nightmare Disorder Sleep Therapy

Play Personalized Audio

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REM SLeep Detected!

Asset 7_4x.png


Asset 7_4x.png

View Sleep Record


Asset 7_4x.png


Fill Out Questionnaire & Journal & Medical History

Our Solution
Asset 8_4x.png
Sleep Stage Interpretation Program
Asset 9_4x.png
Asset 10_4x.png
Business Model & Financial 
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unnamed (1).png
Final Design
Asset 11_4x.png
Asset 1_4x.png
Asset 2_4x.png
Asset 2_4x.png

EMG Electrodes

Signal Light

Volume Control

Adjustable Band

Asset 12_4x.png

Good Knight

App Design
  • Comprehensive layout of user's sleep data

  • Optional sleep journaling and medication tracking allows user to keep track of factors that may affect their sleep

  • Audio output options

  • ​Questionnaire designed by professional sleep psychologist allows user to reflect and monitor their sleep in a more accurate way

​On Boarding
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Sleep Journal & Medication Record
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iPhone X, XS, 11 Pro – 5.png
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