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Birch Aid

​Personal Project | 3 Months| 2020

A biodegradable band-aid made from birch bark and rice

The Birch-Aid is one of the many possibilities of materials exploration of birch bark and rice. This project is a material exploration which builds upon the previous rice plastic project. This project aims to reexamine the possibilities of natural materials and discovers a potential substitute for plastic in the context of medical use.


Materials Research

Materials Experiment




Bio Design / Sustainable Design

Materials Exploration

Asset 15_4x.png

Do you know most band-aids are made of plastic?

Pvc, the material used for producing band aid, is one of the most toxic plastic for both our health and the environment.

Introducing Birch-Aid, a 100% biodegradable bandage made from birch bark & rice. 


100% Biodegradable

Asset 17_4x.png

Plastic Aid

Birch Aid

Plastic Aid


Do you also know many of us used band-aids in the wrong way?

If we don't clean the wound before applying the band-aid, it might cause infection and delay healing. 

Introducing Birch-Aid, a bandage set combining disinfectant wipe and birch aid.

Safe and easy in simple steps






Project Inspiration

Founding from my personal experience

When I was little I loved playing outside in the birch tree yard near my home. Sometimes I stumbled upon stones or stumps and scratched myself.

Asset 1_4x.png
Asset 2_4x.png

Whenever I fall and bleed, my dad always peels a piece of birch bark and place it on top of my wound to stop the bleeding. He always has some fun facts to share about this magical tree with me.

Asset 4_4x.png

So...Any other possible uses of the birch trees...?

Explore Birch Bark Pattern

I cutted the birch bark in different shapes to create different patterns

After multiple attempts to create different patterns with birch bark, I hope to push further my exploration by experimenting with medical properties of this material. 

Asset 5_4x.png
Asset 6_4x.png
What makes people around the world use birch bark as medicine...?

Betulin has antiretroviral, antimalarial, and anti-inflammatory properties

Asset 7_4x.png

“According to the research, Betulin from birch barks helps the damaged skin around wounds to regenerate more quickly

Pictures on the left show the progression of the treatment of the wound over ten days. For comparison, the left side is treated with standard gel and the right side is treated with the birch-bark gel

Birch helps wounds heals faster. (2014, January 24). Retrieved September 09, 2020, from

Explore other potential materials at the school library

I found a material (Rice Sponge) that closely related to my birch bark research. So I incorporated this new material into my research and design


The Use of Rice in Medical Applications

Understand the potential of rice through researching at the material library and contacting the manufacture in Thailand for experiment samples

Screen Shot 2020-09-13 at 10.02.37 PM.png

Rice Sponge


Headquartered in Thailand

Experiencing the material

Asset 1_4x.png

Material Advantage

- Increases the recovery potential

- Medical Use

- Bio-based Alternative

- Strong water absorption

- Low production cost /simple tech  - Decomposed in the human body

- Biodegradable organic substance 

Once applied to the bleeding area, it quickly absorbs liquid allowing for coagulation to occur faster. 

​Combine Birch Bark, Rice Sponge and Rice Plastic


​I used the bioplastic made from the previous Rice plastic experiments project as the sticky layer


I glued the rice sponge to the inner layer of the band-aid, placed it in a regular package, and tested its usability

IMG_9509.jpg 01.jpg

Birch Bark


Rice Sticky Plastic


Rice Sponge


Birch Aid

Protective Layer


Usability Testing

Regular band-aid  VS  birch bark band-aid


Regular Aid

Birch Bark Aid


​Plastic Aid

Fabric Aid

Birch Bark Aid

Screen Shot 2021-09-14 at 2.17.55 AM.png

Product Detail

Screen Shot 2021-09-14 at 2.24.28 AM.png
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