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I’m a master of integrated product design student from the University of Pennsylvania

I'm also the founder and owner of the art trading platform 

I'm Jingwen Li

A Product Designer & Creative Thinker



Product Design, UX|UI

An app that provides personalized, nutrient balanced diet recommendations to help users to break their identical meal circle in order to reach their long term health goal​.

Hail Dental

Product Design, UX|UI

An app that connects with sensor-enabled toothbrushes and deliver timely feedback that motivates, engages, and empowers patients in their daily oral care routine


Product & Business Strategy Development Design, UX|UI

An app that creates digital interactions through visualizing activities between people during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Interaction Design, Multidisciplinary, UX|UI

An interactive wearable sleep mask that detects REM sleep (rapid eye movement sleep) and facilitates lucid dreaming to aid patients with PTSD-induced nightmare disorders.